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DIAMOND for Waste Water Treatment - HEGER DIAMOND

DIAMOND for Waste Water Treatment

A touch of  diamond…

A few micrometers thick layer of innumerable small diamond crystals cover the surface of the diamond electrodes and thus make them an outstanding material for electro-chemistry.


Diamonds have the largest known electro-chemical potential window of all electrode materials. The high current efficiency of CVD Boron Doped Diamond Electrodes allows many electro-chemical reactions to take place. Only diamond electrodes with high (almost 100%) current efficiency manage to generate OH radicals directly from water. Through this, a very effective and clean electro-chemical water treatment (disinfection or COD reduction) without the addition of chemicals is possible (Advanced Oxidation Process – AOP).

This enables Boron doped Diamond Electrodes to create OH-radicals (hydroxyl) directly in water without the addition of any chemicals.  OH-radicals are the strongest oxidants and they are extremely “aggressive” – reactive to anything organic… (bacteria, virus, dirt, hydrocarbons etc.). This makes them very effective in Water Treatment.


  • Easy Operation
  • Chemical Free
  • Low Maintenance
  • Scalable to your needs
  • creates OH-Radicals (hydroxyl)
  • Ambient Temperatures

Warm, circulating water is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria  – they grow very fast. The aggressive OH-Radical attacks the cell wall of the bacteria/virus and kills it.

This graph shows the elimination of an industrial dye over time (high COD*)

*Chemical Oxygen Demand

The destructive power of OH-radicals eliminate hydro carbon dye and reduce COD very rapidly.