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HegerDia®s process

combines environmentally sound technologies for treatment, sanitation and recycling of wash water for post-harvest fruit and vegetable processing to reduce the in-plant water consumption in line with the sustainability objectives of the food processing industry.

Growers & Processors

  • More consistent produce quality season wide
  • Reduced fruit losses post-harvest
  • Chemical-free treatment in washing tanks
  • Efficient removal of microorganisms (physical kill)
  • Substantial water saving (zero discharge)
  • Fully automated system
  • Higher profitability

Retailers & Consumers

  • Low-residue food produce
  • Sound environmental footprint
  • Higher profitability

Conventional: Fruits are washed with chlorine and Sodium bicarbonate also treated with fungicides, high water consumption, high levels of chloramines and high salt load in waste water from the bicarbonate. Water disposal can be expensive depending on waste discharge rules (high salt loads)

With diamond electrodes: wash water is recycled, disinfected and reused…

“zero discharge”

HegerDia® advantages

  • In-situ generation of OH radicals

  • No residue

  • No re-contamination

  • Integrated filtration

  • Low power consumption

  • Water saving technology (wash water can be reused)

  • Easily integrated with existing washing equipment

BIOWATER – advanced sustainable technology for citrus wash water sanitation

HegerDia®biowater is an innovative (patent pending) device integrating advanced technologies for the process of water filtration, disinfection and zero-discharge.

HegerDia®biowater is fully automatic and requires minimal intervention by the operator. Both filtration and electro-chemical treatment of process waters are managed by PLC automation. It  is compact and easily integrated into processing lines in the pack house to the advantage of optimal water sanitation and zero water discharge.

HegerDia®biowater integrates our patent pending technology producing a mixture of powerful oxidants including *OH radical (hydroxyl) ozone, H2O2 in the ppm (mg/L) concentration  range,  highly effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, bacteria and pathogenic fungi.

HegerDia®biowater units are easily installed, requiring power and water connections to the wash tank only.